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You are here because you read the recent google doc that was sent to you and now you want to know what it's all about!

You are looking to find out how to fill your next event without having to spend countless hours or money you don't have on ads. I am going to give that to you via a live Zoom training that you will register for inside the membership area.

First of, this is a membership model, but I will assume all the risk, I am giving you 1 week of free access. So, not you, but the cheapskates out there can register for the training, cancel their membership and keep their $7.20 while accessing the training for free.

I do this because I firmly believe in the law of sowing and reaping.

It's not "get what you give". It is that we receive a multiplied return of whatever we put into the world. So letting people do this gives them a choice of what they want multiplied and returned. :-)

I WANT you to cancel if you do not find at least $100 value offered to you within the class!

So to make it clear, you can access the Beta Release of how to use leverage to fill your events with hungry buyers for less than a stop at McDonalds and it is way more healthy too!

You can continue with the core membership for only $7.20/month and receive early access to and complimentary access to all beta launches I release while you are an active member. That is pretty sweet as I often charge minimum of $97 fee for each beta launch.

Everything Included in Core Membership Access:

  • Complimentary Access To Monthly Masterclasses To Help Your Business To Grow($97 to the public)
  • Free Resources Delivered Direct To Inbox
  • 3 Month Access to Bi-Weekly "Captain's Corner" from the founder, Chad Nedland about what's hot and what's not
  • Revenue Share Partner Enrollment Option(No cost)


Are you tired of missing out on exclusive opportunities and premium content?

Do you want to be at the forefront of groundbreaking offers and gain VIP access to live events? Look no further – your ticket to unparalleled benefits is here.

Introducing the Elite Core Membership:

Your gateway to a world of exclusive privileges and unbeatable savings.

For just $0, you can secure your spot on our elite email list and unlock a wealth of benefits that will revolutionize your experience with us.

What's in it for you? Let me break it down...

In addition to everything you will find in the Basic Core you will receive:

1. Complimentary Admission to Live Events: Want to attend our electrifying virtual live events without breaking the bank? As a member of our Elite Core, you'll receive exclusive details and VIP access to up to 4 live events – absolutely FREE! That's right – by joining today, you'll secure your spot at these events without spending a dime.

2. Savings of $900+ on "30 Day Cash Injections System": designed to turbocharge your income in just a month! Say goodbye to financial worries as our proven strategies guide you step-by-step towards rapid wealth accumulation. You'll unlock the secrets to generating fast cash and achieving your financial goals with ease. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your future in 30 days or less!

If you choose not to join our Waitlist Membership, you'll still have the chance to attend – but at a cost of $997. By joining the Elite Core today, you're saving over $900 on event access alone. Now that's what we call a smart investment!

3. No Pitch-Call Booking Script ($197 Value): Picture this: you've just delivered a powerful presentation, and your audience is hungry for more. With our exclusive No Pitch-Call Booking Script, you can seamlessly transition to booking calls with potential clients, igniting their enthusiasm and paving the way for lucrative opportunities. This invaluable resource, currently selling for $197, is yours as a member of our Waitlist – a priceless addition to your arsenal of success strategies.

4. Rewiring the Script Audio Training($97 Value): Are you ready to unleash the full potential of your mind and achieve explosive results in every aspect of your life? Our "Rewiring the Script" audio training is your roadmap to success. Learn how to rewire your subconscious programming to align with your conscious goals, unlocking hidden potential and achieving breakthroughs like never before. This transformative training is your key to unlocking the door to unlimited possibilities.

5. Laser Coaching for 1 week: Do you have a specific problem you are trying to overcome? Then this is for you. Laser Coaching is an action based coaching option in which you will have an unlimited number of 15 minute coaching calls. We will identify where you are, what is the problem and set an implementable action. After you have completed that action, you can book the next call. The faster you implement. That faster you move forward. Result in this model are incredible for those willing to do the work.

6. Priority Access to Future Offers: By joining our Waitlist Membership, you'll receive priority access to 70-80% of all future offers reserved for members. Say goodbye to the frustration of missing out on limited-time deals – you'll be the first in line to seize the opportunity.

And that doesn't even include the massive savings on all future events!

But wait, there's more!

Being on our exclusive email list isn't just about discounts and freebies – it's about gaining access to a community that values your growth and success. Here, you'll receive insider updates, expert insights, and tailored recommendations designed to elevate your experience and propel you towards your goals.

We understand the value of your investment, which is why we guarantee that partnership in our Elite Core is worth 10 times the price. With unrivaled benefits and unparalleled access, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Don't miss your chance to become a part of something extraordinary. Join the Waitlist Membership today and unlock a world of opportunities that await you.

To secure your spot, simply click the 'I Want This" button and complete your registration:

Join the Elite Core Now!

$0 gets you $1200 in value!

Thank you for choosing to embark on this journey with us. We can't wait to welcome you into our exclusive community and share the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

To your success,

Chad Nedland

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